Spark 2.7.1 invalid username or password

After installing the new version of Spark ceased to login . No settings on the server has not changed . When switching to the older version you are running.
In the new version of the authentication issues "invalid username or password"
What should be done , or what is the reason ?

what version of open fire you are using right now?

when i used openfire ver 3.9…my spark ver 2.7.1…i couldn’t login…but when i upgraded to open fire 3.10…i could login using spark ver 2.7.1

Andrey, what Openfire version are you using. What was the previous Spark version before the update?

efendi liu, Spark 2.7.1 connects to Openfire 3.9.3 fine for me.

I had similar issues on some Win7x64 workstations (sitting on a Win2k12 R2 Domain), having uninstalled Spark 2.6.3 and then installing Spark 2.7.1… once I realized I was having issues, what I did as a workaround for the remaining Win7x64 boxes, is I deleted “%APPDATA%\Spark” after uninstalling Spark 2.6.3 and before installing Spark 2.7.1. Not sure what the cause was in my case, but I did have a few plugins installed on these Spark installs (whiteboard, shared editor, ossphone, and redfire)… which (as you said) carried over to the new 2.7.1 install, even though “Program Files (x86)\Spark\plugins” was empty.

Do your clients login with AD accounts?

Related to LDAP, there is another issue, it is related to some changes how Openfire handles certificates in 3.10.2 LDAP SSL issues in Openfire 3.10.2 I don’t think it is Spark related in this case and 2.6.3 would probably show the same error.