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Spark 2.7.2 Client stop access to preferences

Is there any way to stop access to the preferences menu on the Spark 2.7.2 Client?

Thank you

There is no such way.

Thank you for the reply

So Ok than is there anyway to make it so the end user cannot disable chat history or clear chat history?

There is no such option either. Though there is a ticket for doing this via default.properties, but it hasn’t been implemented and as Spark doesn’t have proper developers it can’t be said when and whether it will be. https://igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-1436

Paul wrote:

or clear chat history?

Even if such setting would be created, users would still be able to go to their profile folder and delete history files manually.

[SPARK-1638] Add option to hide chat history settings via default.properties - Jive Software Open Source

Added HIDE_HISTORY_SETTINGS option to default.properties file. When enabled, it hides history settings from the preferences and removes Clear button from the context menu in the Chat window.

Wasn’t able to find a way to override settings in spark.properties. So a user can still disable chat history by editing config file. But then he can also delete whole history, by manually deleting history files. Advanced users can’t be stopped from getting rid of their history anyway. So this option will at least stop less advanced users from disabling and deleting their history.

This option is available since the 710 build and will be included in 2.7.3 version Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

How to use default.properties to customize Spark behavior Spark default.properties guide (updated)

That is one of the new settings (DISABLE_PREFERENCES_MENU_ITEM) that I’ve recently added. It is currently available in the nightly builds or you can wait till version 2.8.2 rolls out in a few weeks.

Actually, i’m thinking on releasing it in a few days. As there was no active developement for some time. Unless you are thinking to work on something soon, Michael

Hmmm… I wish I knew that. I’m actually working on the Openfire client control plugin to
include most of the options that I have added to the client. This way, an admin can change those settings on a global scale for those environments which don’t require granular client control. I hope to have it ready in about a week or so. Perhaps I should open a JIRA ticket for this…


This was just a thought. Nothing set in stone We can fit it into 2.8.2. Or we can leave this for 2.8.3 and test and tune it better before releasing. Btw, this involves modifying both Spark and Clientr Control plugin? Will have to coordinate releases for both. Yeah, you could file a ticket for Spark. I can file one for Openfire.

Yes it will involve modifying both Openfire as well as Spark source. It would make sense to have these improvements available in the next release of Spark and Openfire. I’m actively working on it this week. I created JIRA ticket SPARK-1835. Thanks for your help!

Ok, i won’t speed up the release then. Have linked OF-1221 to SPARK-1835.

Thanks Wroot, I hope the Openfire team can also wait until I’m done.

Oh, that Fix Version for Openfire is not so important when considering plugins. This is just for the changelog. Plugin can be released without waiting for 4.0.4 or after it.

Ah, you’re right. I can just continue working on the CC plugin without regard to when the next OF release will occur since it is an external plugin anyway. Well that certainly reduces the pressure on me…