Spark 2.7.4 Released

The Ignite Realtime community has just released Spark 2.7.4 and it can be downloaded from Ignite Realtime: Downloads.

This update is a lot about updating translations (Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Lithuanian, etc.) and making some hardcoded parts of GUI available for translation. Also an old patch for proxy connection has been applied in this version, but it looks like Spark is ignoring proxy settings and connects directly instead. Needs more live testing (please report in the forums).

For a complete list of changes please check the official Spark Changelog

We are glad to receive patches from contributors on igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub. 6 of them included in this release. Thank you, guusdk (Guus der Kinderen) · GitHub, idma88 (Dmitrii Ivanov) · GitHub and @CrystalLee. We hope more developers will find out about this and other Ignite Realtime projects and contribute patches.

Here are sha1 checksums for the downloads:

c8531c2a25b6f707df1ca95bae33f7c992c8376e spark-2.7.4.rpm

7e250a2f41d9c218929a601d389382f8ce0288b7 spark-2.7.4.src.rpm

a9718810e11947df15df208314713a1c93bbac8f spark_2_7_4.deb

7eae89de422a99588d1dc51bf9f07a34a5b6a1a6 spark_2_7_4.exe

364f716457d6070bbd5a4f531d531f97ffc80bed spark_2_7_4.tar.gz

b97ad875edeae2c12e4b09b849f2f500293da81a online/spark_2_7_4_online.exe

[Voice Chat] Voice chat is broken since the migration from proprietary JMF to free FMJ framework and there is no fix in the works. Spark project lacks good java developers.

[Mac OS X] There is no installer for Mac OS X (installer building system has issues with Mac OS X, also Spark has too many major issues on this platform).

[Linux] Linux version has issues with menu not showing up and chat window not opening normally on the latest Ubuntu version. Also flashing plugin is not working on Linux systems.