Spark 2.7.5 Released

The Ignite Realtime community has just released Spark 2.7.5 and it can be downloaded from Ignite Realtime: Downloads.

This is a hotfix release to fix the issue with only first offline message showing upon login when using Openfire 4.0.0 as a server (or any other server which has dropped support for deprecated XEP-0091). Thanks a lot to @CSH for providing a quick fix for this issue.

At the same time @speedy was tackling the long standing issue with an installer for Mac OS X. So we are adding that into this release. Please report issues with the installer at New Spark installer for Mac OS X needs testing (LOCKED). There is also a link in that thread to the list of issues in Spark when using on Mac OS X. You can test and report which issues are still present. The installer is not bundled with JRE yet, so you need to install Oracle’s latest Java on your system.

Also thanks goes to another translator - swiftech · GitHub . This time for Chinese Simplified. And, of course, we thank @Daryl Herzmann for his continuous support fixing the builds and providing installers for the release.

We also wanted to bring another major update for this release. Updating Smack library to 3.4.0 (from 3.3.1). But it brakes Fastpath plugin in Spark as Fastpath’s part has been moved to smackx-workgroup.jar in that version. Waiting for a patch to fix that, so we can move on to even newer versions of Smack.

For a complete list of changes please check official Spark Changelog

Here are sha1 checksums for the downloads:

4189825dfea042828fc4f9d866454c106b79c01f spark-2.7.5.rpm

75c69f904b12014d13ace57512ee69c51110ca91 spark-2.7.5.src.rpm

15468ac5a0422554510a0a0098e8457a3f03dd6a spark_2_7_5.deb

74431214ea99949e047fa7d07bd95725f2f17a3b spark_2_7_5.dmg

354155349298f0f81ce63de056753b80172a4a24 spark_2_7_5.exe

52e6f8e60ae5357a410e28654763f856e8e6cd8c spark_2_7_5.tar.gz

8a19459c92957558358a5e5372216dc389f9dd5f online/spark_2_7_5_online.exe

[Voice Chat] Voice chat is broken since the migration from proprietary JMF to free FMJ framework and there is no fix in the works. Spark project lacks good java developers.

[Mac OS X] There is now an installer available, but there are probably many other issues in Spark on this platform.

[Linux] Linux version has issues with menu not showing up and chat window not opening normally on the latest Ubuntu version. Also flashing plugin is not working on Linux systems.

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