Spark 2.7.6 Released

The Ignite Realtime community has just released Spark 2.7.6 and it can be downloaded from Ignite Realtime: Downloads.

In this release more patches went into fixing Mac OS X version (issues with Preferences, File transfer, etc.). Thanks to @speedy for working on this. Also as part of fixing issues on Mac we have applied an experimental version of Libjitsi patch by @cstux (Voice Chat module). We haven’t been able to test, if it works better (or at all). So waiting for a feedback on this in Updated Voice Chat module testing. Thanks to Alexander198961 · GitHub for his patches fixing broadcast and other issues. Waiting for more from him.

For a complete list of changes please check Spark Changelog

Here are sha1 checksums for the downloads:

3ba0067ea2c106bbd78e97ac7b6cf8a01ebc648e spark_2_7_6.dmg

8a666aaddbb492e1018746cb8c69722f15464a70 spark_2_7_6.exe

69e0323f326552b717e35dd48df1280e965db3d7 spark_2_7_6_online.exe

f61120bf954435a84d9bac23cac21a8f0467cff8 spark_2_7_6.tar.gz

2af77b0c70202636942d0648836a218c8aa8cba1 spark-2.7.6.rpm

eaf3486bb24876905ade7725d92f560dfd2d2a86 spark-2.7.6.src.rpm

[Voice Chat] Voice chat module has received an experimental patch and still needs testing and probably not working correctly.

[Mac OS X] Installer is now bundled with Java JRE, so it is easier to start using it and many issues has been fixed.

[Linux] Linux version has issues with menu not showing up and chat window not opening normally on the latest Ubuntu version. Also flashing plugin is not working on Linux systems.