Spark 2.7.7 + Openfire 4.0.2 - Conference not working


I’m using Spark 2.7.7 and OpenFire 4.0.2 with SSO. When I try to invite a user to a conference, nothing shows up. Nothing is logged to Spark logs.

If I manually add to conferences tab in spark and try to create a room from there it works.

Any ideas?

I’ve found out a solution. Set “Use hostname as resource”.

Do you mean that conference service is not present in the Conferences tab? It should be populated automatically from your server. Is this for all users?

Weird. This has nothing to do with the conferencing. It just sets the resource handle the same as your PCs name.

I know. But after setting this option I can use “Invite to conference” button in the user chat Window. Else, when I click this button nothing happens.

The service is not being populated automatically in the conference tab. This is for all users. If I add it manually I can create rooms from there.

Maybe that has to do with SSO (i don’t use it).