Spark 2.7 isn't displaying the conference attendees in the window on the right

I’ve got Openfire 3.93 which I tried to update to 3.10 other day but couldn’t get our clients to connect. I rolled back. Learned the connectivity issue would likely be resolved by updating our Spark clients from 2.63 to 2.7. Decided to try Spark 2.7 first with the plan to roll it out to all our clients prior to upgrading Openfire. However, We have three Group Chat Rooms defined in Openfire. In Spark 2.7 when I select the Conferences tab and open the three conferences only one displays the current attendees in the window on the right. A colleague also on Spark 2.7 experiences the same thing but he sees the attendees in one of the groups that I can’t. When we are on Spark 2.63 we see all the attendees for all three groups.

I’m hesitant to continue rolling our Spark 2.7 to all clients until I know how to resolve this. Should I expect the upgrade to Openfire to fix this issue?

I think you are seeing this bug: [SPARK-1576] Spark is not showing room participants when presence icons should be showing - Jive Software Open Source

There are a few workarounds explained in the ticket. If they are not suitable, then i suggest to stay with 2.6.3 (and Openfire 3.9.3 apparently). There are no active Spark developers, so can’t say when it would be fixed.

This has been resolved in the latest nightly build (733) Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds And the fix will also be included in the upcoming 2.7.4 release this week.