Spark 2.8.1 stop to work on windows 8.1 + server 2008 R2

have a spark 2.8.1 that stop to connect on windows server 2008 r2. the message is “invalid user name or password” but boot are correct. this problem began with spark 2.7.7, always worked on the same server; i installed the new version 2.8.1 and the error change from “can´t reach the server” to “invalid user name or password”. what ca i do more?

Clarify, are you running Spark on Windows 8.1 or on Windows Server 2008 R2? You can also check logs for more information


Hi, i had a similar problem with spark 2.8.1.

What are you using on server field? Hostname or Ip Address?

Before i used to connect with ip-address, now i have to use hostname to fix this problem.

He says that the problem started with 2.7.7 and in hostname case he would get other error.

Hi, sorry, my mistake. I had the same error (invalid name or password), after I changed to hostname, it worked.

You had this error with 2.8.0. In 2.8.1 it shows “hostname certificate verification failed” error in this case.

Hi, yes, you are right, sorry, i have a bad memory.