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Spark 2.8.2

Configure to accept all certificates

I used to have a wildcard certificate on the system but on it expired I switched to the self signed certificate.

Because of the change on 2.8.2 (which makes sense actually) I need to go into Advanced and put the check mark.

Since I already change default.properties in Spark.jar so Spark is easier for my users (they don’t know the server name even though it stares at them in the face daily)

If there a property that I could add for that? If not, someone else?

I am thinking on putting a cert again, but I will have to wait until Spring since we are in high season at the moment

There is no such default property. The only way is to change that setting manually or to edit spark.properties file for every user and add that setting (with a script or something). But that haas to be done while Spark is not running. This change in 2.8.2 was intentional, but the side effect of that setting getting disabled for users updating from 2.8.1 wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t aware that Spark hasn’t been saving settings on the Advanced screen until a user opens it once. It will be fixed for 2.8.3, but those who have updated to 2.8.2 are already affected and nothing can be done about it.