Spark 2.8.3 Bookmarked Conference Rooms Displaying Room ID

I have a fresh setup of Openfire 4.5.2 with multiple conference rooms. Using Spark 2.8.3 the initial bookmarking of the conference room shows the Name of the room and double clicking the room will open the chat window with the tab being the same name.

After logging out of Spark and back in all conference rooms that have been bookmarked now show with the Room ID. When joining the room by either clicking the room in the conference tab or by auto join the chat tab also shows the Room ID.

This does not happen when using Spark 2.6.3.

This was filed some time ago. I have added 2.8.3 as affected version and this thread’s URL.

This will be fixed in the next release of Spark (2.9.0).

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One can give it a try with this nightly build (this is not the official release and is only for testing).

This appears to be resolved with version 2.9.1. Thank you for the assistance.