Spark 2.9.0 How to disable games?

How to disable the games? Spark 2.9.0 Thanks!

You can disable the plugins for each game by going through the File > Plugins menu, then select the plugin and remove it using the delete button.

Alternatively, you can remove the corresponding jar file from the .Spark/plugins/ folder in your user directory.


Another way to do it (especially on a larger scale) is to append such line in user’s file:

This way you can disable not just games, but other plugins as well. You can maybe append this line with a script for all the users or add this line to a template profile file for the new users, so they have it disabled from the start.



I’m trying to disable these games on a large scale. Now i’m trying to update the spark properties file with deactivatedPlugins=Reversi,TicTacToe but when i save then i login back to Spark the change disappear from spark properties file. Changes wont save. Any ideas?


I disable plugins in spark-core-2.9.3.jar in

# default is empty
PLUGIN_BLACKLIST = reversi, tictactoe

and after that edit in appdata:

it’s work for me

Are you sure you are editing file when Spark is completely turned off? If Spark is running, it will reset your changes to this file.

I was logged out from Spark but indeed it was still running. I did exited Spark, updated the file and it worked.


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Is there a way to block the games server-side?

Take a look at Client Control plugin for Openfire

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The client control plugin for Openfire allows you to disable games in Spark.