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Spark 2.9.1 Released

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the availability of Spark version 2.9.1.

This is a small bugfix release for the recently released 2.9.0 version. A few minor issues fixed in this version can be found in the changelog.

We are thankful to all the contributors and encourage developers to get involved with Spark project by providing feedback in the forums or submitting pull requests on our GitHub page.

You can download Spark from the Downloads page. Below are the sha1 checksums:

7574a4ffee89aec037ed788046975d4fd32b62f7  spark_2_9_1.deb
86ee3a78e6bdfe21c18559abce70e4c7ed334f66  spark_2_9_1.dmg
3196d7b5be4c24de44c9931cb099d3e073501496  spark_2_9_1.exe
5e7fa73aa1fefef8e67ba81acc61be2786fce819  spark-2.9.1.rpm
55e344832b37595e4fb2fc9d8749519d06f2a7c8  spark_2_9_1.tar.gz
ca2a4fb154601c860e959eb3c614bc760cec6334  spark_2_9_1-with-jre.dmg
0906c896303cf60a07ae4208b83f9de6359e2935  spark_2_9_1-with-jre.exe

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