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Spark 2.9.4 and 3.0 not reconnecting to Openfire 4.7.1

I am running Openfire 4.7.1. Overall, it works great. However, Spark 2.9.4 and the beta 3.0 x64 clients won’t automatically reconnect. The old 2.8.3 client will. I am not sure if this is a client-only or client-server issue. Thoughts? Anyone experience this or similar?

I have noticed some oddities around that myself. For me (using a beta 3 client on Openfire 4.7.x), the client will eventually reconnect - but it doesn’t show that it is busy trying to reconnect (like older versions of Spark used to do).

Interesting. I was looking in the preferences in Spark 3.0. I saw a "Reconnection Delay (sec) (Restart Required). Is that when it tries to reconnect? If so, why the restart? lol.

That ‘restart required’ means that Spark must be restarted for a change to that setting to be applied. The wording could be better. :slight_smile:

Yea, I did that but no avail. Is there an official forum to report perceived bugs?

This very forum is the official forum to report bugs.

I can assume that this is due to Smack 4.3.X. Nightly builds use Smack 4.4.4 and may be reconnecting will work fine there. I don’t have an Openfire 4.7.X server unfortunately, can you check my guess?