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Spark 2.9.4 Released

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the availability of Spark version 2.9.4.

This time our long time Ignite Realtime Foundation member @guus fixed a lot of issues regarding how Spark handles SSL certificates (or rather how it was not handling them). There is also a new option to disable games with Client Control plugin (need version 2.1.6). And improvements to file transfer and handling of passwords.

Full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

We encourage users and developers to get involved with Spark project by providing feedback in the forums or submitting pull requests on our GitHub page.

You can download Spark from the Downloads page. Below are the sha1 checksums:

0a4b04d956c7b9fac96382f4ebaeebb01ba21a12  spark_2_9_4.deb
f0b9e59fded30e99634419dceef99b206434a3f8  spark_2_9_4.dmg
b6f958491af01b0989dc261a08210017c95a9cab  spark_2_9_4.exe
78e1c3fb24d1c032aacc4f601b516b9b004d3059  spark-2.9.4.rpm
b58402e870cc6fccae08b1b4aa4e9909047116ec  spark_2_9_4.tar.gz
29a77ecd572a4f202ffd92931d95dc073dccfd6d  spark_2_9_4-with-jre.dmg
12812da3e9078ebb0bfda1353b81bc89a238365d  spark_2_9_4-with-jre.exe

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Also, a big thank you to @R87A and @wroot for their continued work and contributions!