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Spark 2.9.4 won't open on Openfire 4.7.0

Hi, I recently updated my OpenFire server (CentOS) successfully to version 4.7.0. The previous version of Spark worked on the newly updated server. However, when I install the Spark 2.9.4 (Windows 10) the spark login window will come up and let me log in. But then nothing happens. I look in task manager and nothing is running. I have restarted the PC and I also tried uninstalling Spark and manually removed the Spark files from Program Files (x86) and reinstalling it again to no avail. Anybody experience this? Have a fix?

The home folder of your user should have a directory named .Spark that should contain log files. Can you check if those hold clues please?

I have uploaded the logs here. There are several different errors.

errors.log (142 Bytes)

warn.log.0 (465 Bytes)

It looks like you have an issue with the OTR plugin. Can you disable/remove it?