Spark 3.0.1 Unable to Change State

Unable to change online status after login. Also, the user search screen does not open.

Hello. Did it work in Spark 3.0.0? Weird, this code hasn’t changed in a very long time. Are you using MSI or EXE? Perhaps the old version has not been deleted.

Hello, I am using it as an exe. I completely uninstalled the old version.

spark error

And before that, what version of Spark were you using?
Try to rename Spark folder in path %appdata%/Spark to Spark_old and after that start Spark, maybe a problem in the config files.

I was using version 2.7.1

The folder specified here does not exist.

Then I’m almost sure that the problem is in the profile.
Conf file should be in C:\users\USER\appdata\roaming\Spark

Unfortunately the problem still persists. :frowning:

Have you tried deleting the Spark folder from the profile?
Send me logs from logs folder