Spark 3.0.2 hangs on hyperlink


I have Spark version 3.0.2. Often, when I open a chat window with another user and paste a hyperlink, the program window freezes. I have to kill the Spark process and log in again. Does anyone know what this could be about?

Curious. Does this happen with hyperlinks to a particular address consistently? For example, does it always happen when you link to a JPG image, or to an HTML page?

It doesn’t matter what link. And this doesn’t always happen.

The same address hangs the Spark window > I kill the process > I restart Spark > I try to paste the address again > it hangs again > I kill the process again > I do this several times > I finally manage to send the link.

Sometimes I paste the link and there is no problem.

That’s strange! Spark keeps log files in the user’s app directory. Can you review those please for clues?

This action does not log the event.
In the task manager there is high CPU usage (~16%) and memory usage (1GB). In addition, it indicates high energy consumption. I can move the Spark window (either the chat or the main program window), but it does not respond to clicks (e.g. on a user in the list).

So curious. Sorry for not having immediate answers. :confused:

Is this happening on sending hyperlinks, or receiving them (or both)?


I open the chat window > paste the link > it freezes. I won’t even have time to send it. Just pasting the link causes it to freeze.

Above I have added a screenshot of the wait chain analysis for the Spark.exe process.

Edit. I killed the process, started Spark, checked the chain - same thing. So it seems normal, but strange because I don’t see this effect in other applications.

I also didn’t notice this effect when I paste plain text. The problem is only with hyperlinks, but as I mentioned - not always.

Hmm, the text input field where you compose a new message should not be doing anything ‘special’ with a hyperlink, as far as I can tell. Does the problem also occur if you manually type the hyperlink?

I’m grasping at straws here. The problem doesn’t happen for me at all.

Does this problem happen on other computers? Does it happen when you log in with a different user on your computer? Does it happen with older versions of Spark?

  • I haven’t noticed that entering the address manually causes any problems.
  • Now I’m testing by pasting the link below.
  • Other people also report this problem to me.
  • Previous versions… there used to be no such problem, but from what I remember it started earlier than 3.0.2 (I don’t remember which version though).

Edit. I asked the user who reported this to me earlier and he says that it has calmed down for some time. I can’t remember any other people, and when I asked, they didn’t admit it.
Thank you for your willingness, but there’s not much of a starting point here, so since others don’t have a similar problem, I’ll assume it’s a problem with my environment :frowning:

I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help. I wonder what makes your environment so different. Are you using the English translation of Spark? If not, does it make a difference if you switch to English? Maybe try to disable plugins, to see if you can somehow affect the problem.