Spark 3.0 UI issue (+Jira SSL expired)

There is a weird first screen appearance - I have no ideas where to enter login, where - password, etc.

Login button is invisible as well.

It’s latest Spark with JRE on MacOS 13.0.1

P.S. Your Jira server’s SSL certificate is 21 days as expired.

Hi, this bug has been fixed in Spark 3.0.1 nightly builds, try it.

By the way, share your opinion about Spark 3.0.0 on MacOs.

By the way, share your opinion about Spark 3.0.0 on MacOs.

Feels very unintuitive and slow, unfortunately…

To call preferences, I have to go into File menu - before realizing that, I clicked like 5 times on App → Preferences menu and Cmd+, shortcut.

OMEMO doesn’t seem to work - I tried to send a message from BeagleIM to Spark and got an error saying that there is no secure device; I didn’t find where to check/configure OMEMO on Spark.

The app has an issue coming from the background (via menu item) - it appears for a second after I click on the menu item and disappear immediately; I had to hold it somehow.

For some reason, not all users appear on the users’ list (I have options to show offline and ungrouped users to show).

Windows user also has some usability complaints, I just don’t know the details yet.

And one more thing - I use Spark mail app; when I dragged your Spark to the /Applications folder I overridden my mail client by accident, as the names of the apps are exactly the same :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it looks like BeagleIM is the only XMPP Mac client working so far, and it’s far from being complete and very stable.

Sorry about that, fixed now.

No worries, I’m fine, just wanted to let you know.