Spark Account Creation Problem (Client (Spark)/Server(OpenFire) setup)

Hi, I have recently installed OpenFire on a Windows Server using with the following basic setup:

  • Embedded Database
  • Inband Account Registration is ENABLED.
  • Port 5222 is open on the server

We installed Spark 3.0.2 on a client computer (Win10) and was trying to create a new user using the Accounts button on the login screen but we are getting the below error regarding Java.

No issues when creating a user in the admin portal and logging in using the created account. Please advise. Thank you!

To secure communication between Spark and Openfire, TLS encryption is used. To be able to use TLS, the server needs to provide a certificate that identifies the server to any client that tries to negotiate TLS. By default, Openfire will generate a self-signed certificate for this purpose. With the default settings, Spark will not accept a self-signed certificate (as it does not recognize it). That is what appears to be going wrong with your setup. You could configure Openfire to use a certificate that is recognized by Spark. You could also add Openfire’s self-signed certificate to each Spark installation, so that it is recognized by Spark, or you could reconfigure or disable TLS in a couple of other ways that causes Spark to not use or ignore the unrecognized certificate. That is obviously a less secure options.

More background information can be found in our documentation: Openfire: SSL Guide