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Spark Alternatives?

I ask this here, in the Openfire area, instead of spark, because I use Openfire on my backend. I have a problem with Spark on a few of my machines because it is Java based and that posses an issue for me.

Are there any robust spark (non java) alternatives that anyone knows of that work well with Openfire?


Are you just looking for Jabber clients that may work with openfire?


Sorry if I am missing your question,


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Thanks for your response, but Im looking more for a recommendation. I know about some of these clients already, but want to know what others think.

Ah cool. Could you elaborate on the features that you need for the client to support? Which OSs?

People have varying degrees of luck with various clients. Each of them has their own advantages.


I am looking to deploy ion windows XP, and looking for a feature set very similar to spark and easy to use.

I think I have installed every free client listed on “http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtml” and Spark beats them all as far as a balance in features and ease of use. The only reason I went searching for other clients is because of the memory usage. But think of it this way, it is 2007 what is 60MBs of memory on a 1 -2GB machine? I have been testing a client called LinQ, development has been suspended on it but It works good if you just want messaging and file transfer. The next best thing that works with Openfire is Pandion. But if can deal with Spark being java based and having a more than average memory footprint, stick with Spark.

is in theory the “best list” nowadays. That said, I agree, Spark is probably the best. The only reason I don’‘t use it is that it doesn’'t support multiple XMPP accounts. Adium X, while lacking in direct XMPP functionality, does that well and has a good interface. =)

Good looking out with the list, to bad Adium X is only for Mac OS X.

i for myself use psi - multiple accounts are no problem and that’'s also the only cause why i use it instead of spark… but back to your question… psi works very well… and supports all features (except jingle) that i ever used.

an alternative is miranda but it’'s xmpp support is not that good - but sufficant for messageing ang muc

Does PSI support TLS. I could never get PSI to connect since I have set Security to be required in Wildfire.

i don’'t think so… i use it with “old” ssl but i found no options for tls

Love Spark, but practicalities mean I’'m using Exodus as a client

It lets me have a persistent team room open in the same window as my contacts, chats etc. that stay open and minimised to the systray when you close the window - it suits the way I work, YMMV

So are your users using Exodus?