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Spark and AIM/MSN/Yahoo transports

Sorry if this is covered ground, I didn’‘t see an answer in my search. Is there going to be support for the major IM transports? I really like the wildfire/spark combination but I need to be able to send to the 3 biggie IM clients and I’'m praying Spark will be able to do this. Is there going to be support for registering some transports on Spark and if so, is there a timeline?

Thank you and great job, keep up the excellent work!


Spark will support transports when Wildfire does.

I think Wildfire should be supporting transports fairly soon.

Thanks! Is there any way to get the pymsn, pyaim to work with spark and wildfire in the meantime?

I don’'t think you can currently install non-java plugins in Wildfire so unless someone made a java plugin for allowing python plugins it wouldnt work.

It is possible to use transports from other servers while staying connected to your choosen server, however Spark does not support this at the moment.

But you can get pymsnt and pyicqt to work with Wildfire: This thread describes how to do it: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=99350

Thanks Johjar.

I’‘ve already started to get the python installed and get these transports working. But doesn’‘t the client need to be able to register the transport service to the wildfire server? I had the pymsn and aim working with an older jive and exodus configuration and I’'m hoping I can get the same thing working for Spark.

Thanks for your help…


I used another client (Neos MT) to do the actual registration of the transports, and the switched to Spark where all my (ICQ and MSN) contacts appeared. The client does not distinguish between the contacts from the transport and “normal” Jabber contacts however, they all look like Jabber. A drawback is the actual transport contact - it is also interpreted as a “normal” Jabber contact by the client, but should have “logon/logoff” and maybe “register/unregister” features.

Hi, this thread is a bit stale time wise, but the questions are all great. I recently got pyaim-t running under Wildfire 2.4.4. However, Spark does not support registering with the service. That’'s ok for me, as an earlier poster stated, you can use another client to register, then open Spark and your transport contacts will be there. (with the drawbacks listed above however, contacts look like Jabber (not aim) contacts and the transport showing up as a contact)

However the lack of transport registration in Spark has put the whammy on my company wide IM plans. I will keep Wildfire, but until Spark supports transports, its a non-starter for mass deployment in my organization.

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Is there any update on Spark allowing registration. I am holding back a roll out because of this.