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Spark and Kopete

Hello. I’ve just recently begun using Spark and I love it. There’s only one problem however. One of my contacts is a Kopete user. He’s also behind a router and I can’t send files to him. Oddly enough, when he uses Spark himself, everything works without a hitch, which confuses me. Is this a problem on my end or his end?

Every jabber chat client has a different resource setting. Spark defaults this to spark. Kopete probably has something else. Kopete also uses port 8010 for file transfers, Spark uses 7777. This can also be changed is Kopete.

So he only needs to change the resource setting or does he also need to change his file transfer port to 7777?

I would recommend both.

We did as you recommended, I even double-checked via VNC on his end, but no dice. His port is set to 7777 and it is forwarded on his router, and his resource was set to “spark”, but still no dice.

so let me see if I understand this… He can transfer files to you but you can not send files to him through his router? If that is the case I would say it is his router. A good test would be to try to take the router out of the mix on his end. I know that is a lot of trouble. The other choice is open all ports from 3478 -20000 for his address on his router. That covers the entire range for spark. Also have him check his firewall software. It could be the issue as well. Only eliminate 1 variable at a time though.