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Spark and Terminal Server

How do I arrange for autologin for my users on my terminal server? Unfortunately the spark --> settings.xml file has been, by default apparently, set up in my
policy folder (which is where the various desktops for groups of users are). Where is the setup for Spark, such that it will look in each users’’ folder for the settings for that user?


Hi tnkaiser,

The settings file should exist in each users (user.home), so each user would have their own settings file. Is this not the case for you?



I don’‘t want you to stop what you are trying to do but please be aware that Spark is a java based client and thus uses a lot of memory, about 33 to 132 MB per user. If you have 100 concurrent users you’'ll probably need a little bit more memory.


edited (50 MB -> 132 MB)