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Spark "appearance" settings not showing up in preferences


Spark 2.5.5 installed under XP sp2

After a major crash of Spark while adding some emoticons I could no longer click on the “Appearance” icon in “Preferences”. All other settings panels are displayed except for the “Appearances”. After the crash I deleted the emoticons zip file and restarted Spark.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed to re-activate the “Appearance” panel?


For clarification - the “Appearance” icon displays on the left of “Preferences” but the associcated fields do not display. The icon appears to inactive.


I have upgraded to 2.5.6 of Spark and the same problem exists. The Appearances panel does not display.

Hi Scott,

I’m not sure if this could help:

Since you’re still having problem after Spark reinstallation, I guess it’s because Spark read and follow your custom settings, which has been corrupted. If you don’t mind doing reinstallation, I’d suggest that first you uninstall spark, then you delete everything under C:\Documents and Settings\yourAccount\Spark, finally reinstall Spark.

Thanks “aznidin”’

As you suggested I de-installed Spark and deleted the contents (actually the whole folder) in Documents and Settings\myAccount\Spark. The behaviour is resolved