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Spark as a Support Tool to RDP


I think it would be amazing if Spark could be used as a support tool. I would like to see an option or plugin that would give the ability to right click a user and open a remote desktop sharing session. I am the lone IT guy for a small business with 3 locations, and instead of attempting to explain to a user how to find their computer name, just right click on their name in Spark and open a session with them right there. I’m not a programmer or anything, so I have no idea if this is even possible through Spark or not. It would simplify things for a lot of people if this could be added.

Just Food For Thought


I think it could be possible (maybe as a plugin). But currently Spark has no active developers working on it to even fix bugs, so don’t put much hope into this.


There is an RDP plugin for openfire that is supported by Pade client here