Spark Authentecation


anybody have idea how can i create pki key and how to user openfire and spark …

Are you using PKI somewhere else already? To use PKI with SparkWeb means needing Openfire configured for it, and the client side is all handled by the browser (IE, Firefox, etc). You will need to install your cert there. Then the SparkWeb “host” needs to be set up correctly for it too.


thanks for giving reply… my doubt is currently i am using windows box how will i create my own ssl certificate and how can i test both side i mean openfire and spark side… can tell me clearly…bca i dont have any idea abot that

note: sorry for my bad english…

If you dont understand the technology, why do you want to implement it? Honestly, its going to be a bit of work to get going, so if your goal is just to save yourself typing in a password, there are better solutions. What is it you are trying to accomplish that you think PKI will help you?