Spark auto idle doesn't clear


We have around 25 users with the Spark IM client pointing at an Openfire server, everybody has Idle enabled & Time till idle set to 20min, all users correctly go Away when locking their PC or when being idle for 20m however most users never come back to Online automatically.

Is this the correct behaviour? As we end up with a roster of 25 Away users when infact the majority people are actually online.


What version of Spark is it?


It’s the 2.6.3 release. I’ve done some more investigating and I have a feeling that it does not correctly clear once a user has RDP’d to their machine. It appears that once they have RDP’d, disconnected & logged in again physically the client gets stuck to Away and requires you to manually change it back to Available.


Try a machine or two using the nightly/beta Spark build and see if the issue still happens: 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

Version numbers will look the same, but it’s really the beta/nightly release.

Yes, try the latest SVN build. I remember similar problems with RDP a few years ago, when i was using 2.6.3 or older versions

if it matters, I was RDP’ed into my machine from home last night for a long while and Spark didn’t exhibit these issues… I’m using more-or-less the beta/nightly/svn build.

I’m RDP’ing a lot to my machine during the week, so i would definitely notice such issue in the latest builds