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Spark auto reconnect feature?

Spark auto reconnect feature?

Would be handy to have an auto reconnect option

this would help improve perception by the users if they leave it logged on all night and you happen to have to restart the deamon…

valid no?

to be incorporated?

I would vote for such a feature.

I definitely vote for this feature


there is already a Jira issue open, if I remember right some disconnect problems must be solved before reconnect will be implemented. The Smack API v.2.1 has a bug closing the XMPP connection.

Also the Spark 1.1.0 version closes itself and restarts if one selects disconnect, that’'s an evil behavior if one just wants to reconnect or connect to another server.


If you want to disconnect and connect to another server with spark 1.1.0 on windows simply deselect those options before signing out. I stick to my guns here and say again I still believe this to be a valid request. Also auto sign in should be something people have to deselect from the get meaning that it should be enabled during install to help improve attendance and remind people to use it. If I am not mistaken you have to go out of your way to tell it to auto sign in and start in system tray. Or at least all my users that followed standard installs dont sign in automatically. Seems to only work if u select auto sign in and start in system tray options both of which are a user initiated action which as we all know goes unconfigured. And what makes auto login option become unselected if I select it; it seems to at ramdon decide to deselect itself.

I find teh reconnect to be a desirable feature, but some thought must be done before that gets implemented. Let me put up an example where reconnect may be disturbing:

  • User A connects from home and uses Spark normally. After a while User A needs to go to work (and leaves Spark connected for some reason, be it because he/she forgot or wnatever reason).

  • User A arrives at work and connects his Spark client at work. The server is set to disconnect exhisting connections, so that the connection from work is accepted and the one from home gets disconnected.

Now, if the client from home tries to reconnect automatically, it’'ll start to fight with the client at work, which will be rather disturbing. So, reconnection is rather useful, but it should only be performed in some cases of disconnection (like server reset, connection lost and alike), if the disconnection is due to another connection to the same account it would be dangerous to have auto-reconnect insisting in getting things back up.


This is a huge feature and definitely required.

As we’‘ve been configuring the server and xml file, it’'s required MANY MANY daemon restarts - causing the clients to boot.

Please implement this asap!

Thank you!

Perhaps the simplest logic would be to auto-reconnect if disconnected due to server error or connection failure - but NOT if you’'re booted by the server intentionally - either due to a resource collision, or a connection disconnect by admin on console, etc.