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Spark automatic invisible mode after away 2.8.3 version How to Solve

Many time spark user not see & invisible mode how to solve this issue ??

I don’t understand your question/issue. Explain it again.

My spark 2.8.3 start but after 1 hour it’s automatically invisible.

Second user not see first user …

How can i solve this issue??

What Openfire version?

Open fire version :- 4.1.3

I’m not seeing such problem with 4.1.3 and Spark 2.8.3.

For me, it is happening this way: I setted up to users cannot change status, go invisible or login anonimously.

But after hours of work i notticed that some users are invisible, even with the permission denied in openfire.

Normally after lunch, probably due a sleep of computer or a network error.

Spark Version 2.8.3 960

Openfire Version 4.1.3

What if you do not forbid changing status, but only disable Invisible and Anonymous? Also, is it Windows? Which version?

I tried not to forbid changing status, but this allow the user to change to invisible/offline, what we dont want that happens.

I´m using Windows 7 SP1.

I understand that you don’t want to allow that, but just for the testing purposes you can try allowing that and check if the problem still appears. Maybe it is somehow related to the blocking of status change.

Yes problem still appears with allowing.

Please provide me proper solution.



Please give me solution ASAP.

Are you sure that their status is actually invisible and not just offline? That’s a two completely different cases.

Yes, I am Sure.

As i’ve said, i don’t see this happening to my users. So, i have no ideas currently. You can check the logs, but i doubt it will show something.