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Spark beta bug - software conflicts

Since I installed Spark Beta (same problem with v2.0.8), Spark beta seems to be a conflict with 2 software.

  • Ultra VNC 1.0.2 and

  • PrintPack2002 from Software602

Have tried on 3 different PC (all with Win XP SP2 and Java 1.5.11) - same issue / apps freeze up.

In both cased. VNCServer freezes, unable to load up properties. And Printpack freezed, spool error message after a while.

Both software have been working without any glitch and no other software had been installed, besides Spark.

I uninstalled Spark, and both software are now working perfectly. Are there any shared files between these apps? Is this a known bug?

Thanks to the team and keep up the good work! Spark and Wildfire have great potential!



Hi Keric,

Bug found: Spark 2.5.0 beta 3 + Secondary logon sounds very similar as both programs may run as another user.