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Spark blocks a user - how can i solve this block?


yesterday i wrote with my wife in the office many short words, rates and some ascci codes :slight_smile:

After a few minutes she told me, that she can’t open the window to write me a new message. The doubleclick doesn’t work, the menu doesn’t work but every other guys in the office work fine.

I can open the window but everthing i wrote she don’t see it. The same behavior between Spark or Miranda as client - i use both of these and they work fine with everbody in the office excepted my wife.

So we stop Spark and start it again but nothing changes. We both restart the pc, but nothing changes. We delete us from the contact list and do a new authentification, but nothing changes.

I take a look at the administration but i didn’t find anything that shows me an action to ban somebody. The error, warnings, … logs don’t show anything in this direction.

so how can this happen? and how can i solve this?



She can try deleting her profile and starting with fresh one (history will be lost). Because some characters probably are corrupted in her history with you.

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark