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Spark Broadcast Question

I have setup an openfire server.

And I, and the other admins often have the need to broadcast messages to our members.

Up until now we have been using the “Send Administrative Message” from the Openfire Admin Console.

We prefered this option over the broadcast plugin or broadcast feature in Spark, since the message pops up infront of any programs you have running. And the sole purpose of jabber server is to get our members attention right away when the need arises.

Up until now we have been fine with broadcasting to all. But now we are considering merging with another member list, and thus need the option to select who we want to broadcast to. And the Admin tool does not give this option.

So my question is: “Is there a way to configure Spark / Openfire to send the broadcast messages in the same format and with the same functions as the Admin Message? (A popup that remains on the screen until you click it away, and that will pop up in front of any other programs that might be running)”

I haven’t been using the Admin Console tool for a while, but i always thought it does broadcast the same. In Spark you have two options: message and alert broadcast. You can try the second one. I have no test Openfire server setup at the moment, so i can’t really test this myself.