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Spark build 585 and offline users


I came across a circumstance where, when Spark reconnects to the Openfire server, the offline users get duplicated.

I had this problem using the Windows version of latest available nightly build (#585), but not with the official 2.6.3 release.

To reproduce the issue:

  • Show empty groups: checked or unchecked

  • Group offline users: unchecked <- this causes the issue it would seem, if it is checked the duplication does not happen

  • Show offline users: checked

Let’s say at this point you have one online contactand two offline contacts:

Now, restart the Openfire service, you get the message from Spark

“Your connection was closed because the server was shut down”

And after a couple of seconds, Spark reconnects automatically.

Now you can see that you have “more” offline contacts. Your contacts list would be as follows:

If you restart the Openfire service again, you get another set of offline contacts and so forth.

If you logoff and log back in, the list is reset to the original configuration without any “ghost” contacts.