Spark Build Errors

I am following the Spark/Eclipse/Subversive setup guide, and I am hitting errors trying to build Spark. I am using the latest tag source, spark_2_5_8.

When building the release task, I get an error trying to delete a file (the actual file various every time I rebuild). This is strange since I can build clean just fine and delete the exact same file. Below is a snippet of the log. Note that some files delete fine, and I am admin on my box (Windows XP).

Source File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\smackx.jar

Dest. File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\smackx.jar.pack

Deleting: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\smackx.jar

Deleting: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar.pack

Building: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar.pack

Packing with Pack200

Source File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar

Dest. File :C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar.pack

Deleting: C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar



C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\build\build.xml:276: The following error occurred while executing this line:

C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\build\build.xml:286: Unable to delete file C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\target\build\lib\spark.jar


Also, when I try to build the development task or the javadocs, it fails with this error:




Generating Javadoc

Javadoc execution



C:\Documents and Settings\Will\My Documents\Eclipse\spark_2_5_8\build\build.xml:325: Javadoc failed: Cannot run program “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.06\bin\javadoc.exe”: CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect


Note that I can execute that exact cmdline argument just fine from a console window.

About the only thing that builds correctly is “clean”

don’t know this for a fact, but it might have something to do with spaces in the filenames?

Thanks Grimsy, that fixed one of my problems.

Changing my workspace path to just C:\EclipseWorkspace fixed the build problems for the development and javadocs targets.

Unfortunately I’m still unable to build the release target. Everytime I try to build it, Ant chokes trying to delete a file, but it appears to be random which file it chokes on. Sometimes the first delete fails, sometimes it’s the 4th or 5th. Any other thoughts? Who would be holding these files open, stopping the delete?


same problem here