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Spark calls back


I am having problem with Asterisk-IM. Every time I try to call someone else, Spark calls back to me. This happen to every user. I checked the phone mapping and everything seems ok. I can place call using only the softphone.

Can anyone help me?

Trixbox 2.0 (Asterisk 1.2.14)

Asterisk-IM 1.1.1

Wildfire 3.1.1 (MySQL database)

x-lite softphone.

Spark 2.0.7 and 2.0.8



It seems to me that this is perfectly normal. These calls are always 2-legged:

  • First Spark asks the Asterisk server to call you

  • When you answer, then the Asterisk servers calls the person you are trying to reach

  • When the person answers, you are connected

It’'s working like that for me and when I pick up the call, the it rings the other person and we can talk…



This is what Asterisk-IM project want to implement.

I have posted the serveral days ago and asking what is the point to implement this function, no one give me any explanation what is the point for this,


Even though you have to pick up your phone before it dials the other person, at least that’‘s saving you from manually punching in the numbers. Also, some phones (like Polycom) have a special feature that will auto-answer calls where a certain Asterisk variable is set. That would make the integration a bit smoother so that when you clicked to call, your phone would seem like it just starts auto-dialing in speaker phone mode (and then you could pickup the handset). We’‘ve never managed to get that working, but maybe it’'s possible with the newer versions of Asterisk.

For my Cisco 7960 i’'ve configured two lines: one for normal inbound calls and one with auto-answer enabled.

In Asterisk-IM I map both lines to my Jabber account and enable the primary flag for the line with auto-answer on.

That way when I place calls through Spark I am directly connected.

Of course you should make sure the auto-answer extension is not exposed publicly