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Spark can not display users and groups , Please Help Me!

Hello,every one:

I use openfire(3.4.1)*Oracle(*Spark(2.5.8)+ActiveDirectory(Windows2003 sp2), When I login into Spark, there is no users or groups in Spark Client(if I login more times, some times is ok).

can you help me ? tell me why? thanks


you may want to enable the XMPP debugger after starting Spark but before login. There you should see if Openfire sends the groups and Spark fails to display them or if Openfire does not send them.

Do you see errors in the Openfire log when this problem occurs?


thanks,follow is logs in log\info.log:

2007.12.19 14:27:18 Starting transport service: msn

2007.12.19 14:27:18 Starting transport service: yahoo

2007.12.19 14:27:19 Initalizing LdapVCardAvatar plugin …

2007.12.19 14:27:19 Registering LdapVCardProvider …

2007.12.19 14:27:19 LdapVCardAvatarProvider initialized

2007.12.19 14:27:19 Current vCard provider: ch.eyecraft.openfire.plugin.LdapVCardAvatarProvider

2007.12.19 14:27:19 LdapVCardAvatarPlugin initialized

2007.12.19 14:31:23 vCard updated for user ‘028622’

2007.12.19 15:16:54 vCard created for user ‘022430’

2007.12.20 09:48:06 vCard updated for user ‘003706’

2007.12.20 09:48:20 vCard updated for user ‘003706’

2007.12.20 12:10:01 vCard updated for user ‘003706’

2007.12.20 13:32:09 Packet sent to unreachable address

<iq id=“6b3b0-138” to=“028622@hq-im-svr/spark” type=“get” from=“082143@hq-im-svr/spark”>

<query xmlns=“http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info”/>


2007.12.20 13:32:31 Packet sent to unreachable address

<iq id=“6b3b0-157” to=“000020@hq-im-svr/spark” type=“get” from=“082143@hq-im-svr/spark”>

<query xmlns=“http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info”/>


can you tell me how to enable the XMPP debugger


for Spark I can tell you how to enable it. I assume that Spark is already running.

  1. Spark -> Logout.

Click Advanced on the Spash Screen which is displayed then.

The General tab is displayed, at the bottom you can select Start Debugger on startup.

The log file seems to be fine.


  1. I’ve got an OpenFire 3.4.1 with embedded DB(oracle). I installed it with built in users and all was fine.

2.But if I installed it with LDAP users, the spark can not display user(s) and group(s) whether the group(s) are user created or LDAP user group(s).

can you help me ,thanks.


Sometimes , I can not login , look at the admin console , I’m in the session , but the session is offline.

can you help me ?

thank you very much!