Spark cannot connect after network outage

Just a quick note that if my laptop looses (wired) network connection while Spark is running the application says it lost connection. This is understandable.

Once the network connection has been restored then and I try to reconnect Spark continues to say that it cannot connect. If I close the app and reopen then it connects fine.

Not a major issue to me, just reporting what I see ?


We are experiencing the same issues. Many users experience when removing their laptops from docking stations or returning to the office the following morning. Spark seems to reconnect fine when exited and reconnected, but having it automatically re-establish the connection would be great.


This is a known issue. Have you tried the latest beta 2.6?

I haven’t but will definitely do so.

Thanks for the amazingly quick response!

I will post the results.

Does Spark 2.6.0 fix the reconnection issue. This is currently our biggest quip with Skype. I’m having trouble convincing people that Spark is say better than Pidgin or Pandion for this reason. But I like the features and easy customization available in Spark



ehruska wrote:

Does Spark 2.6.0 fix the reconnection issue.

The best solution is to try it yourself

The Beta version resolved the issue we were having with reconnecting. In our enviroemnt the overall release is as (if not more) stable overall as well.

We’re all good after trying out the beta…Just need to download the source again to rebrand. Thanks all…