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Spark changing desktop resolution

I have a user that is experiencing and odd issue with Spark. Whenever Spark starts up (even before she logs in), it resets her screen resolution to the minimum settings, which are 800x600 in this case. Normally she runs at 1600x1280 or whatever it is.

If she changes it after Spark has started, then it will stay at the resolution she sets it at unless she restarts Spark for some reason.

Any ideas why Spark would be manipulating the desktop resolution and how I can stop if from happening?


Bump? Does anyone work/help with Spark anymore?

Havent see such issue. You can try the latest version from here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822

I figured it was something that was probably unique to this person. They seem to always have odd issues.

I’m not really willing to give them a beta version of Spark as I fear that would cause me way more issues than necessary. Any idea when that version will go final?


No ideas. Currently development is only done by one community member in his spare time. This is not a beta version though, it is the latest SVN version, latest code changes. It can have some new issues, bu i’m using it and i dont see anything critical. It has some bug fixes and new features on the other hand.

I don’t know what an SVN version is.

I’ll try to run it on my machine for a bit andsee what happens.