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Spark chat 2.9.2

When I log in to Spark chat my contact list is not showing up. What is the next step to make a contact list show and uninstall Spark? I look in the advanced section of Spark compare to other co-workers.

I’ve read this twice, but I don’t understand your question(s). Can you please rephrase?

I log in to Spark and contact is not showing up.

It’s hard to tell what’s going wrong with so little information. Spark is logging in to a server called Openfire. That server has an administrative console, that can be used to review the content of your roster/contact list. When you log in with Spark, does the server see you as being online? Does your roster on the server seem OK? Are there any errors logged in either the Spark log files or the Openfire log files when you log in?

When he log in Spark online and when I look at the admin console on the roster.

He is the roster on the admin side and no errors display when I log in to Spark.

Your English is not very good, so it is very hard to understand what you mean.

Spark can have automatic contacts, if they are setup on the server (shared groups). Or manual - this means every user has to add contacts manually by searching for people with search and adding to a selected group.

I think it is better to contact some IT admin/support staff that you have to solve this.

When I look at the admin console Openfire the person is active users of Spark. Has no error message and I going to disregard what you say about my English. I am an IT person.

I have had the same problem with me. Which i solved by permanent removing files from path C/user/All the users/Local and Roaming where delete spark folders and uninstalling spark. after this process check path c/program file(*86) and delete files then install spark again which could solve your problem. In my case It did for me.

Please do not provide such a passive aggressive response. You should realise that this was not ment as an insult, and that we are trying to help. Wroot was trying to make clear that the information that you’re providing is very sparse on details. It’s is barely saying more than “it doesn’t work” which gives us very little to go on. And, to be frank, from what you wrote, I also assumed that you are not a native speaker. There’s no problem in that. Neither are wroot and myself.