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Spark chat - can't see entries

I download Spark 2.6.3 and when I chat with someone, what I said or what they say no longer appears. I can only see our names & time stamps. Please help!

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You can find various versions here Releases · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub Try using at least 2.7.7 or better 2.8.3.

Upgraded to 2.8.3 and am still having the same issue.

please try this

in windows delete the spark folder in your profile. This file contains your settings/cache/transcript logs. You may want to back it up first

close spark and delete the folder Spark located in


restart spark.

I don’t have an AppData\Roaming folder. :frowning:

it might be hidden on your system, so you can manually type it in, or unhide folders.

I deleted that folder and am still having the same issue.

Have you tried to uninstall Spark first, then delete anything that’s left in Program files\Spark, then the folder speedy told you to delete and then install 2.8.3?

Unable to verify certificate.

The domain that you are trying to login to in Spark and your actual XMPP Domain name (on Admin Console) do not match. Maybe you are trying to login using server’s name instead of domain or using IP. Both are not correct ways and you should try logging to Domain name.

You can temporary fix that by going into Advanced menu on the login screen and checking Disable certificate hostname verification (also check Accept all certificates).

Fixed the certificate issue but still having the same problem. I get my name and time stamp, but can’t see what I’ve typed.

Can you provide a screenshot please?

Weird! It does not even add every ‘message’ on a new line. Puzzling.

What changed to make it behave this way - or is this the first time you’re using Spark and has it always been this way?

Do you have access to the Openfire admin console? Are there any errors or warnings in its log? What plugins are loaded in Openfire? What plugins are loaded in Spark?

Did you download and install the spark version that includes the JRE? If not, could you please try installing that one?

Also, i noticed two spark icons in the system tray. There should only be 1. Could you try rebooting your pc?

Was this something that just recently happened? Is anyone else having the issue?

Does this only happen to you, or does this also happen to the person that you are chatting with?

My motherboard died the other day so I got a new PC.

Have never had this issue before.

I’m just a user,not a developer, so I don’t have access to Openfire.

The only plugin loaded in Spark is Translator Plugin 1.5 from Jive Software

I downloaded whatever version our IT dept wants us to use. Looks like it’s 2.6.3. I downloaded the latest vesion from this website (2.8 something) and was having the same issue.

The users I am chatting with can see me, but I can’t see what either one of us have typed. Happens with all of my contacts.

Also, in Preferences, my emoticons are a big red X:

I’m stumped.

What happens if you log in with your account on a co-workers Spark?

I logged in as my friend & vice versa and had the exact same problem, so it’s localized to my PC. Ugh.