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Spark Chat History Encryption

Does anyone know a way to get spark to encrypt chat history.

At present I have users who are looking at other users conversation, as the conversation are stored in plain xml.

Is/would there be a way for spark to encrypt the xml, even if its just a simple scambling based on the usersname or ID taken from the openfire server etc.

Cheers for any help guys.


There is no encryption of chat history logs that i know about. How can others read logs? They shouldnt have access to other computers C:\Docs and Sets\User profiles. So you should tight your security options. Unless sysadmins are reading those logs

Can this be put down as a feature request ?



If you asking me, so i wont add this. Maybe someone else, maybe developers can add this. Personally i see no point in implementing such complex feature for limited user base (1 person so far). There are other better ways to restrict access to files in users accounts with limited rights environment. Also, Spark is known to behave very slowly with big logs, so there is a chance that at some point you wont be able to read your logs.

Moreover, Spark development is not very active now, so it will take ages before that feature could be added (there are a lot of other more important stuff to fix/add). So i suggest to look for other workarounds (limited rights accounts).

I would have to agree that is not really a needed feature. You issue is more indicative of unsecure computer practices. If windows is setup correctly it will protect the files from anyone except domain admins. You can even limit their access by enabling folder encryption for the Spark folder in their user profile. See attachments.