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Spark: Chat History (turn it OFF!)

How do I modify the “disable chat history” using a script or registry setting?

I need to disable chat history for EVERYONE in our company (Records retention policy)

The setting is is listed in preferences, but how do I force?

I found this in the spark.properties:


is that it?

Probably. But is it so hard to test?

That is the setting you need to adjust. You will need to come up with a way to automatically edit that section of the document or replace the file entirely. If you do a replace be sure to remove any username specific information such as saved downloads loaction and the username. On windows I have placed a copy of this file in a spark folder in the Default User profile so any new users get the setting at first login to a machine.


I think what I need to come up with is a logoff script that just empties the “transcripts” folder.

fun part for me is figuring out the variables (I’m not a programmer, and only a novice scripter)

Here is the code for a startup script bat file:


@IF EXIST “C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Spark\spark.properties” goto try1 ELSE goto end


xcopy /S /E /Y %logonserver%\netlogon\spark.properties “C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Spark*.*”



attached is a generic properties file. you need to edit to add the server name. Place this on the login server in the netlogon folder.
spark.properties (895 Bytes)

You might use:


instead of

C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Spark*.*

in case the profile is in a different location, or the profile directory is not named the same as your user. (e.g. my profile on this machine is username.domain)