Spark Chat Window Sizing Issue

I have found an issue with the Spark Chat window sizing.

Here is how to recreate the issue:

Hook up a decent size monitor to a laptop (Dell Docking station especially), I am using 16xx by 12xx. The native laptop resolution is 1440x900. When the chat window is stretched to a large size on the monitor, when the laptop is not connected to the docking station/monitor, the result is that the chat window is unusable. The screenshot attached will show you how the chat window looks on the laptop.

I am not sure this is a bug per say. Spark remembers the dimensions of the window from the last use. The problem is windows allows for windows to be opened larger than the resolution of the screen.

That is true, but it is very bad to remember the size when it is larger than the current resolution of the user’s screen.

That ma be true but windows allows you to manually drag windows larger than the available resolution. This is a windows error not a spark error. I have users do thus occasionally with many different programs including Internet Explorer.