Spark chat window time stamp formatting

Presently, the time stamps for all messages in a chat window are in hh:mm format. Is it possible to have it in hh:mm:ss? Thanks in advance!

There is no option to show seconds in the time stamp. And as 90% of users won’t need such details, there won’t be such option probably. Unless you provide a patch for this with a setting in the Preferences (and not enabled by default). Spark has no active developers at the moment.

Gotcha, thanks for the reply. I’m using this in a environment where having the seconds available is handy I’ll see what I can do. Thanks again for your help!

Francis, i have just added two options to show seconds in the time stamps (for 24 and 12 time formats) [SPARK-1614] Add an option to show seconds in a message time stamp - Jive Software Open Source

You can test this addition in the latest nightly build (692) from here Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

This change will be included in the upcoming 2.7.2 version. Probably in August.

Awesome, thank you for the heads up!