Spark Client for mobile

Hi All,

I am using openfire server with Spark client and it is working great. We are also using fastpath for call routing. Is there an app or something similar for mobile devices?

Please suggest.



I am looking to see if you have a mobile app for Android (Samsung).

I am also willing to beta test if you need support for it.



Not with the fastpath plugin for sure. Other than that there are many mobile clients for jabber/xmpp which will work with Openfire (e.g. Yaxim, Xabber, Conversations - these are for Android). But they will look different than Spark. There are no plans for mobile Spark version.

Thank you for you replies. I will try suggested app on Android devices. Is there any alternative for using fastpath on mobile? Routing mechanism that fastpath provides is super awesome and we are using it a lot.

Fastpath was a unique feature created for Openfire and Spark. There is no other implementation of it (mobile or not). At least i haven’t heard about anyone using it in another client. Though, the source is free, so anyone can try to apply it to some other client.