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Spark Client - Hangs initiating chat

I have a remote user running a Win 7 laptop, 32 Bit machine. Everything had been running fine until a few weeks ago. Now, when she logs in to Spark, it brings the list of users. However when she goes and clicks on a user to initiate a chat with them, her CPU spikes to 25% and the entire client becomes unresponsive.

I have already uninstalled the application, and reinstalled it. I did that again using one of the nightly builds. Before I tried using a nightly build - I even went and uninstalled both her Java 6 and Java 7 installs so it could install whatever it needed on its own. After all of this - its the same result - the applicaiton just hangs when you try to initiate a chat.

I am at a complete loss - anyone able to help or make a suggestion?

Elimina el “historial de conversacion” en el cliente. Con esto se soluciona.

Tenia el mismo problema con dos clientes.

I have a similar problem on Red Hat 6. The outline of the Spark window appears, but there is noting in it. I can kill the process, wait a moment then restart and it works fine.
I’ve discovered that I should not exit Spark, but I should close all my chant windows before I log out.

I’m having the same issue (exact with the CPU spike and everything).

So I translated Jesus’s comment and took that advice.

The advice was to disable conversation history.

This seems to have worked for me right now.

which spark version are you running? there is a known resource leak in the current development line (beta/nightly builds) that causes a similar issue to what you are experiencing. The standard 2.6.3 version release downloadable from the normal Downloads page here is OK though…

I’m currently using the standard version. No complaints from the user this morning so I’m assuming that disabling conversation history was the fix.

if they have a large trasncript history, that is known to cause some lag/lockups too. This is fixed in the dev/nightly builds, but as I mentioned, the dev/nighly builds have some minor issues at the moment (should be fixed shortly).

Do you know any approximate date of the next minor release? Because this freezing is pretty annoying and disabling chat history is not an option for me.

By the way I clicked on Spark->Roadmap and got 500.


This is the latest SVN build to this date http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/JOB1/build-614/Install 4j/spark_2_6_3_12555.exe

It will show 2.6.3 version when installed, but it is 2.7.0 “beta”, just the version number hasn’t been changed yet.

Though i don’t think new version will fix this issue. In new version history is shown differently when you press History button. It is separated by weeks/months/years. Which makes it load faster in this window. But if your history is huge, you will still experience freezes. The only option now is to go to transcripts folder and rename big xml file to some other name, so Spark will start new history file for this contact. This way you will have a xml file with older history, so you will be able to find something in there, if you need at some point. Of course, it will be in xml format, not easily readable.


Roadmap link is broken like many other things on this site. It is outdated, but we can’t change anything ourselves here.