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Spark Client Rejects Certificate

Hello All. I have a valid certificate for my domain and I have imported into the Certificate store as shown here:

The admin console works fine However when I try to sign into Spark I get this Error: Unable to verify Certificate.

This is a valid certificate so I am confused as to why its rejecting it.

In the other thread you tell that you import this certificate (created by your internal CA, so it is not globally trusted) to Openfire’s keystore. But Spark has its own Java and its own keystore. So you have to do the same with Spark. Or use certificate known for Java keystore. Or use Accept all certificates option in Spark.

This is the only thread I was posting in. So you might be confusing usernames haha. However. I found some good instructions here: https://alpha-labs.net/2014/12/openfire-and-ciphers/
Where i just deleted and created a new Java Keystore with my appropriate certificates. Which are certificates signed by a CA. It worked.

I was referring to this post Spark can't verify certificate Anyway, if you have it solved, i will mark this as resolved.

ah yes sorry about that. And yes I have it solved thank you.