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Spark client resetting itself for reasons unknown

I have recently begun deploying Spark IM to users in my company and I have run into a problem. The Spark client is able to connect to the Openfire server without issue and it it functions just fine. The problem is, people’s clients will revert back to its default state, as if it were just installed. Typically, when someone logs out of or exists Spark, their theme, settings, and credentials remain unchanged, as you would expect.

Yesterday I set the Spark client up for approximately 10 people and it appears that only one out of those 10 is currently online, which is a telltale sign that their clients have been reset because I had configured their clients to launch on startup and automatically login.

Google hasn’t helped me, so here I am. Is there a known issue where the Spark client resets to a default state?


More Information:

Spark version: 2.8.1

Operating System: Windows 7

LDAP synchronization with Active Directory

More Details:

To users affected, there is no Spark folder in \AppData\Roaming. When Spark is launched, the folder is created and empty.

It looks like I’ve isolated the issue. The issue is that, for whatever reason, the Spark folder located in \AppData\Roaming\ is getting deleted. I currently have no idea what could be causing this, but this is a good find nonetheless.

There is no know issue like that. Are you using some sort of profile synchronization or redirection? What OS are you clients using? Which Spark version?

Spark version is 2.8.1

OS is Windows 7

The Openfire server uses LDAP synchronization with Active Directory

Anything in the logs of those affected? C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

I checked on the workstation of one of those affected and, oddly enough, there wasn’t even a Spark folder in \Roaming\ like there should be. I launched Spark and the folder appeared, empty. It was as if the program had just been installed but, obviously, that wasn’t the case.

Fresh Spark’s profile should still have at least a few files with spark.properties among them. You can try entering some user credentials, login and then exit Spark and check if profile is in tact. Then restarting the machine and checking again. Maybe that’s some antivirus solution or group policy not allowing new programs to save files in Roaming. Or as i have mentioned some sort of profile redirection messing with that. I’m out of ideas.