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Spark Client weirdness


I’m showing some weird behavior on the Spark 2.5.8 side where some contacts appear as offline and have incorrect JID’s i.e poorschmuck@z-openfire instead of the normal AD/LDAP contacts in the roster showing as valid, i.e SCHMUCK Poor.

Any ideas? LDAP latency? Old roster info on the client side? Please see attached.


Reuben Spence

I have several users reporting the exact same thing on Spark 2.6. Does anyone know why this is happening?

LDAP users will only appear correctly in the roster if they added via shared groups. Any manually added users need to have their nickname defined via AD vCard mappings. The default mappings for AD LDAP do not list the nickname you can add this mapping manually. Even after this is added you will need to delete what is auto-entered into the nickname field when manually adding a user into the roster, then tab ouot of the field. At this point Spark will poll Openfire for the proper info from the LDAP vCard mapping.

Thanks! I suspected this and is what I reported to the managers that don’t understand, as far as editing vCard mappings, where is this done? You can point me to a FAQ or readme.

Thanks again.