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Spark clients & openfire

I installed Wildfire 3.1.1 and Spark 2.0.8 on a number of clients in a something of a test mode a couple of months back. Now that I am getting back around to playing with this, I am planning on updating the server to Openfire.

Will the Spark 2.0.8 clients connect to Openfire, or will I need to go back and upgrade all of them? I’m assuming that I should just uninstall Wildfire and install Openfire…

Thanks in advance.

I would recommend you create an archive of your wildfire directory and then shutdown the server, install openfire and set it up. Depending on your existing config, this should be easy. You definately want to update your Spark clients as there have been a lot of improvements to the client. You can find information about all this below:


If you are running a 3rd party database for your user store, you will want to create a back up of that too just to be safe.

To force your users to upgrade their spark client, use this: